PF member of the central committee Paul Moonga says President Hakainde Hichilema should consider consulting his predecessor Edgar Lungu because he is now a source of wisdom.

And Moonga says President Hichilema has created more positions than ever before, contrary to his pledge of having a lean government.

In an interview, Tuesday, Moonga said the Head of State should find the right people to advise him in order for him to succeed.

“My advice to him, let him find the right people to advise him and let them work closely. Edgar is now a source of wisdom, (Rupiah) Banda [is] a source of wisdom. Former presidents are a fountain and a source of wisdom for all of us. So my brother HH will do well to bring his former president closer; ‘my elder brother, ifintu fileyenda shani apa’ (My elder brother, how are things moving here)? So when you ask your neighbour for help, they can’t refuse. There are a lot of things they consult. We have enough manpower of people with wisdom in Zambia who can help our brother. We don’t want him to fail. He has won an election and has to perform,” he said.

“He is an extremely proud man. PF was working even though they called us all sorts of names such as corrupt and other issues. But the people of Zambia know exactly what we have done. You might call us all sorts of names but the citizens of Zambia know that aba bali bomba (these people worked). Any sector of the economy, be it transport, the airports, look at the airports. I quote honourable Chikwanda, our statesman, he says he worked for Kaunda for 11 years, he worked for Chiluba as a chief of staff, he worked under ba Sata, and that there is no president under those who can beat Edgar Chagwa Lungu. I totally agree with him and say I know the young man (HH) is hard working but for him to beat the premium where we have put the nation, our brother HH must double his efforts.”

And Moonga said President Hichilema had created more positions than ever before, contrary to his pledge of having a lean government.

“The first two months and so, there is nothing that we can talk about, totally nothing, there is totally zero. There is nothing in his own pronouncements that maybe he has met one of the promises that he promised the people of Zambia, totally zero. Now we are talking about a lean government but we are seeing a lot of State House positions. We have deputized special duties, director media; we have a lot of positions. Look at how many portfolios you are now creating in the government. Is it a lean government? The answer is no? We are actually creating more positions than ever before since after independence,” said Moonga.