INFORMATION and Media Minister Chushi Kasanda says she doesn’t understand Constitutional Lawyer John Sangwa’s assertion that government has failed to explain certain decisions effectively.

On Sunday, Sangwa said government’s inability to effectively communicate certain decisions was a discomfort citing the removal of subsidies and the International Monetary Fund as some of the areas where government has failed to do so.

Commenting on this in an interview, Tuesday, Kasanda said government had actually spent a lot of time explaining matters of subsidies and the IMF to the public.

“I don’t know exactly what he means [by] we haven’t communicated well, because what is important is the line Minister to actually explain to the public before anybody else can take up that mantle. I think honourable (Situmbeko) Musokotwane has been on Diamond TV twice, he has explained about the IMF, he has explained about the subsidies and I don’t know what other explanations he would want. We have had a few others expound on it, from my Ministry, we have had (Thabo) Kawana or Diamond TV, we have had honourable Elias Nkandu explain about it in the local language, we have had the Minister of Lands explain about it, we have had the Minister of Youth explain about it. So, I think it is who he would want to hear to explain about it. I think the communication has been there. So maybe he should be specific on what he would want to hear,” she said.

Kasanda, however, promised to provide simpler explanations to the public.

“As far as we are concerned, if the line Minister has been out there, he has explained it and I don’t know what else he would want us to explain. But besides that, I think that maybe because the Minister is technical, they would want a simpler version update. We are going to provide a simpler version, we will explain what it is about in a simpler version. We will put a circular out there so that anybody can go out, so that it is a lot easier,” said Kasanda.