PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has told Kabwata residents to keep their faith in him because “Bally has fixed it”.

Speaking when he interacted with Mapoloto residents in Kabwata Constituency, Monday, President Hichilema urged them to help UPND retain the seat in the upcoming by-elections, saying the ruling party had brought freedom in Zambia.

“Let us agree we have left the past behind us. Don’t go back to teargas, that is what used to happen in the past. Don’t go back to violence, let us go forward. Have you not seen free education? Are you happy with free education? You are happy now you want to go back to suffering? You were being beaten in the markets and everything that you were selling was taken away from you. Now we have brought freedom, we have brought development. Retirees here, we have given them their money. Some of them did not get their money for 20 years, Bally has come and fixed it,” he said.

“There is a young man who came here from the violent party that HH sold the plots here in Mapoloto, me those are lies! Let us move forward ! When the children of Israel were going out of Egypt, when they reached at a river, they started complaining to Moses that you have brought us here and we will die from here. Moses went to God to ask what should we do. God told him to tell the children of Israel to just move forward.”

He urged youths not to complain because the biggest portion of the Constituency Development Fund was targeting them and women.

“Thursday is voting day, wake up in the morning and vote for the UPND. Tayengwa is our candidate here, do you love Bally? Do you know that Bally loves you also? So you love Bally and Bally loves you, so those who love each other do one thing, on Thursday let us vote for Tayengwa. We love you so much. We have seen that drainages here are a problem, that is why I have walked with my gumboots so that I see everywhere where there is a problem. Who are the people who did not bring toilets here when they were in government for 10 years? Now you want to go back? You wake up early and go and vote. If you do not vote Tayengwa can lose with one vote. Your vote will ensure that Tayengwa wins and Bally will fix it,” said President Hichilema.

“All the councils have been paid, retirees have been paid. CDF is coming here, tomorrow you will hear that we will be giving capital for chilimba to all marketeers, you will hear an announcement. We love you people, I wish you knew how much we love you and we will work for you until things change. Already, things have started changing, youths, youth empowerment is coming, youths don’t complain, you are the ones who put Bally in government. The biggest portion in CDF is youth and women empowerment. God bless you, thank you very much.”