A CAR Hire Company has sued Bowman Lusambo in the Lusaka High Court, seeking an order that he pays K201,100 after hiring a motor vehicle in 2016.

Mwago’s Car Hire wants an order that the Kabushi PF member of parliament pays the money he owes, costs and any reliefs the court may deem fit.

In a statement of claim filed in court, Mwago’s Car Hire stated that it was a company incorporated and registered in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act in Lusaka, Zambia, and was in the business of hiring motor vehicles.

Mwago’s Car Hire stated that by contract dated April 16, 2016, the company and Lusambo entered into a car rental agreement where Lusambo agreed to rent a Mitsubishi Pajero Reg No. BAC 5945 at a rate of K1,400.00 per day and a Lexus RX 300 Reg no. BAB 8853 at a rate of K1,000 per day.

The plaintiff stated that between April 16 and April 17, 2016, it rented the Mitsubishi Pajero to Lusambo for a period of 13 days at a rate of K1,400 per day accumulating a total bill of K18,200.

Mwago’s Car Hire further stated that between June 1, 2016 and October 2, 2016, Lusambo again rented the Mitsubishi Pajero for a period of 155 days at a rate of K1,300 per day accumulating a total bill of K201,500.

The plaintiff stated that Lusambo has to date only paid K23,400, leaving a bill of K201,100.

Mwago’s Car Hire stated that Lusambo has not only abandoned the proposals and promises made to settle the outstanding debt, but has failed to pay K201,100 towards the hire of the Mitsubishi Pajero despite several reminders.