VICE-PRESIDENT Mutale Nalumango says government and the Zambia United National Freedom Fighters Association are working on establishing a proper policy on defining who is a founding father, and also ways in which to appreciate them.

Speaking during the funeral church Service for the late freedom fighter, Christine Mulundika, Saturday, Vice-President Nalumango said freedom fighters deserved respect from all Zambians because they brought about the freedom the country was now enjoying.

“Government, Cabinet working together with the association led by the people that stood here is working on establishing a proper policy on how to look at our founding fathers. One of the challenging things they are looking at as they work on this policy is to ensure as these people have identified themselves, to establish who is who. I am telling you I have met freedom fighters who are 55 years old. So we need to establish who is really a freedom fighter. They deserve the respect from all of us because the freedom we are enjoying today would have not been there if the Christine Mulundika’s were not there,” Vice-President Nalumango said.

“And for me, it even gets more when it comes to women. When I see mama Betty, I see and remember Christine, if they had kept quiet colleagues, ladies in here, I would not be standing here. We are still struggling but they did struggle to make sure you stand like me and be considered normal. This was way more than fighting the colonial rule, the way that is more than fighting society discrimination. It is not only tribe that is the issue; it is male and female struggle.”

She said the past week had been difficult for Zambia.

“It was only yesterday (Friday) 18 March when we put to rest another gallant freedom fighter and son of the soil the fourth president of the Republic of Zambia Mr Rupiah Bwezani Banda who died on 11th March 2022. You will agree with me dear mourners that the past one week has indeed been a very difficult time in our country,” Vice-President Nalumango said.

She challenged Zambians to emulate Mulundika’s patriotism and her contribution to the development of the country.

“As we put our dear mother to rest today, let us emulate her patriotism and her contribution to the development of the country. We will do well to honour the legacy by continuing to live in peace with one another. Embracing her belief in Zambia that was proud and free and in our motto One Zambia One Nation. You must feel it, believe it, know it – One Zambia One Nation. Mama Mulundika was not only a gallant freedom fighter of the Republic of Zambia, Educationist and Unionist, mama Mulundika will go down in the history of our country as an architect of emancipation of women in the workplace,” Vice-President Nalumango said.

“She championed the enactment of the law we have heard, provided for maternity leave. As a young mother, she had experienced first-hand the unfortunate situation of reporting back to work after giving birth. We have heard the story. I have learnt also today that this woman was beyond what many of us know. We have learnt the business side, we have learnt about her in football. “

She conveyed her condolences to the family of the deceased on behalf of the government.

“To the family, may you find comfort in the peace of God which surpasses all human understanding only God can comfort. Mama Mulundika deserves a befitting send-off as a renowned freedom fighter, national leader and distinguished servant of the people. Her name will forever be engraved in the history of our great nation. Mama Mulundika we are grateful for over your 60 years commitment to the service of this country. May your soul rest in peace,” said Vice-President Nalumango.