THE Muslim Community in partnership with IK Charitable Trust has donated assorted medical equipment to 35 health facilities in Southern Province.

Handing over the donated items to Southern Province permanent secretary Namani Monze, IK Charitable Trust secretary Mohamed Khanat pledged that his organisation would continue to support the health care institutions and communities in ensuring improved medical care, sanitation, nutrition and education for all.

“We as IK Charitable Trust working in conjunction with the Muslim Community recognise the importance of supplementing government’s efforts in providing well-functioning health care facilities to ensure that all citizens have timely access to quality medical care. We have also partnered with the National Police Aid Convoys (NPAC) to bring this aid to you of medical equipment which includes 450 mattresses, 450 blankets, 150 beds, personal protective equipment and several vital medical equipment and accessories,” he said.

“The prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him said, charity does not in any way decrease your wealth, and the servant who forgives, Allah adds to his respect. And the one who shows humility, Allah elevates him in the estimation of the people.”

Khanat said his organisation strived to ensure that the most vulnerable in communities were provided with essential human needs like food, shelter, water, sanitation, among others.

“In order for the community to be whole and healthy, its foundation must be built on people’s love and concern for one another. Our love for and concern for one another, not only as a community but as Zambians and human beings, is what brings us together,” he said.

And Dr Monze who received the donation said it would help government in providing quality health services, and further urged the staff to take care of the equipment.

“As government is pushing in the recruitment of health personnel, IK Charitable Trust has given us medical equipment which will make us provide quality health services. We need to take care of this equipment to avoid frustrating our partners because usually due to our failure to manage properly these donated items, we have ended up frustrating our partners. I’m directing that all staff that will use this equipment [should] acquaint themselves with how to operate this equipment before using them so that they don’t get damaged,” he said.

Southern Province clinical care specialist Dr Clive Banda said quality health cannot be attained without such equipment.

And Choma mayor Javern Simoloka thanked IK Charitable Trust for donating to the community, adding that the impact would be felt by the citizens.