FORMER Namwala UPND member of parliament Moono Lubezhi says she used emotions when she went to the Patriotic Front, but she is now back home.

Lubezhi defected to PF in May last year, lamenting that UPND did not value her hard work.

But in an interview, Lubezhi, who rejoined UPND last week Thursday, said she was back home.

“It is home. I used emotions that were circumstantial. But you will understand that for me, UPND is home. I have just come back home, I used emotions and it is water under the bridge now, I have just come back home,” she said.

UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa received Lubezhi back in the party in Choma.

A few months before the August general elections, Lubezhi said she wasn’t appreciated.

“I thought I was doing the correct things. I was working very hard, I believed in that cause but I was hit in my face. Then I realised that actually leadership in UPND, they do not value loyalty. I had to sit with my family, because of what happened to me. Some people would think ‘she has left because she was not adopted’, no. It is the way I was treated. If leadership does not respect loyalty and hard work, then defections are inevitable,” said Lubezhi.

“I believed in the core of UPND not until I realised that loyalty and hard work is disregarded by its leadership. I am one of those, I was looking around, I am the only UPND MP who used to go out to campaign for by-elections and each ward I’m given, I used to win. There are very few members in UPND who will carry any mattress to go eat with villagers, I am one of them. I meant well for my party, UPND.”