PF acting secretary general Nickson Chilangwa has blasted members of the central committee for not informing him and acting president Given Lubinda that they were leaving after attending Mwimba Malama’s Matebeto on Sunday.

In a WhatsApp group called the “MCCs special desk”, Sunday, Chilangwa told the MCCs that they left the function as though they were coming out of a chicken run.

He said some of them wanted to the presidents or secretary generals when they lacked loyalty and the decency to observe some procedures.

“I first and foremost want to thank you all of you who came through to support honorable Mwimba Malama, thank you very much and May God be with you and as we continue re-branding our party. Colleagues, our acting President was in the house, how many of you had the courtesy to tell me that you were about to leave for whatever reason so that I can inform our acting President. How many of you had the humility to do that and yet you want the lower organs to be loyal and procedural. You want to be Presidents and SGs and yet you can’t be procedural and loyal, you think you have arrived! You were leaving kwati nimu ci cele ca nkonko (as though you’re coming from a chicken run). You are called ati ba MCCs hmmm! Come on please grow up and I think this nonsense must come to an end,” posted Chilangwa.

But in response, Dr Jeston Mulando said Chilangwa’s statement was uncalled for, noting that the function was not official.

“Acting SG, I didn’t attend the matebeto. As you know the function you attended was not an official function but an entertainment function to celebrate the matrimony of our dear brother and in [a] crowded place, it could have been impossible to bid farewell by those who attended. So, your statement is uncalled for as you or the acting presidency were not undermined. Please let us be sober and considerate of each other because those you are accusing are top leaders of the PF,” posted Mulando.