SOCIALIST Party leader Dr Fred M’membe has wondered why the United States of America government has interest in safeguarding Zambia’s sovereignty, vowing that “over our dead bodies” will they have a military base on our soil.

Government recently revealed that the USA government will create an office of security cooperation based at the USA embassy in Lusaka which will work hand in hand with the Zambian defence forces to enhance military to military relations.

But speaking at a media briefing, Wednesday, Dr M’membe wondered when the United States developed interest in safeguarding and protecting Zambia’s sovereignty.

“Since when did the United States have interest in safeguarding and protecting our sovereignty? Let us not forget history. Those who easily forget history are easily destroyed. For decades, the United States stood on the side of those who were out to perpetrate colonialism, apartheid and they supported the racist minority white government in Southern Rhodesia, what is now Zimbabwe. Since when did they support our sovereignty and independence? When we were being bombed here in Lusaka, Chikumbi by the white minority racist Rhodesians, where was the United States? Which side did they take? They were on the side of apartheid. Those who tried to advance African sovereignty were killed. They have been against our sovereignty and they have killed our leaders. They have engineered so many military coups on the African continent,” he said.

“Today they are coming here to protect our sovereignty and give us security. Security from who? The main threat to our sovereignty and security is them. Have they come here to protect us from themselves? We also know that all these wars fought on our continent including the wars of colonising our continent was for minerals. Zambia and Congo have 70 percent of the world’s cobalt that is what they are after. This is not new. This territory called Zambia today was colonised in 1891 for minerals. They want to come back today and do the same thing they did to our ancestors in 1897 and 1898.”

Dr M’membe said “over our dead bodies” would the USA have a military base on Zambia’s soil.

“Let us not cheat ourselves. Let us learn from history. We have nothing against the United States protecting itself and trying to secure themselves but the security they are seeking themselves should also be extended to others. We should also feel secure as the US is trying to secure itself. The minerals they are trying to come and seek here are ours given by the creator. They have also been given a lot in that same continent they occupy,” said Dr M’membe.

“They have more than what we have but why do they want to come and take the little we have? Are they not tired? For centuries they have been looting the continent. They want to continue this in the 21st century again and probably in the 22nd century. Let us wake up and let us rise to the challenges of the 21st century. It gets dark sometimes but the morning comes. Our morning has come. Our eyes are open. Over our dead bodies will the USA have a military base on our soil. We will not allow them to take our land and our minerals.”

Meanwhile, Socialist Party General Secretary Dr Cosmas Musumali gave a history of AFRICOM in a bid to demonstrate that it was being used to creatively set up military bases even when some African Countries rejected it.