ACTING Minister of Health Charles Milupi says the COVID-19 vaccination campaign is expected to end today, May 30, after the process was extended by a few more days owing to the overwhelming response.

Speaking during a media briefing, Thursday, Milupi said government was very pleased by the positive response to the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

“I wish to update you that the Government through the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has extended the COVID-19 vaccination campaign for five more days to end on Monday 30th May 2022. This extension has been necessitated by the overwhelming response throughout the country. The extension will provide an opportunity for those not yet vaccinated to do so. We will work through all the stakeholders who have been supportive throughout the campaign to get more people vaccinated. Government remains committed to ensuring Universal Health Coverage – Leaving No One Behind. Government is very pleased by the positive response to the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. Over 1 million doses have been administered in the last 10 days of which about 436,000 were among new vaccinees. The vaccination coverage of those fully vaccinated stands at 28.2%,” he said.

Milupi said the positive response had been made possible by the robust support from countless stakeholders.

“This has been made possible by the robust support from countless stakeholders representing the various sectors including the health workers, the religious leaders, our royal highnesses the Chiefs and their headmen and women, Members of Parliament, Mayors, Ward Councillors, the non-governmental organisations and civil society. The support from the local and international partners cannot go unappreciated; indeed, we have received support in all aspects of the response,” said Milupi.

I wish to isolate the healthcare workers who have exceeded the expectations of the Ministry of Health management in their hard work and diligent performance while executing this assignment in the midst of other emerging diseases. The risk of an upsurge remains high with increasing numbers of cases in some countries. Our hope lies in getting everybody protected; this is possible through vaccination of at-least 70% of the eligible population against this devastating disease. Let us encourage all eligible individuals to get vaccinated and continuously help dismiss the myths and misconceptions surrounding vaccination. We encourage everyone to spread the word and encourage your family members, friends and neighbours to take up the responsibility of self-protection by getting vaccinated.”