PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema says since UPND took over nine months ago, the COVID-19 vaccination rate has increased from 5 percent to over 30 percent.

Speaking when he met Israel’s Ambassador to Zambia Ofra Farhi at State House, Thursday, President Hichilema said he was grateful for the medical equipment received from Israel to help fight COVID-19.

He added that Zambia was still battling the pandemic and needed to do better.

“I want to acknowledge the support that we have received as Zambia from Israel with regards to the COVID-19. If you like, medical equipment to help us fight the COVID-19 pandemic. That is well appreciated. You know we are still battling with this. We are doing well but we want to do better. When we took over nine months ago, I think the vaccination percentage was just about 5 percent, now we are over 30 percent in such a short space of time. Part of that has been achieved because of the support from Israel in this area,” said President Hichilema.