PETAUKE Central independent member of parliament Emmanuel Jay Jay Banda says he will lobby for the electrification of all health posts in rural areas in order to preserve COVID-19 vaccines.

In an interview recently, Banda said he and other representatives of rural constituencies were doing their part in terms of sensitising their people on COVID-19 vaccines.

“We are explaining to people, making them understand what Covid is. Everyone has understood and they have accepted, although at first yes people didn’t understand. They were thinking that once they are vaccinated then that’s when they will get Covid. We are waiting for Parliament to open so that we can question the Minister of Energy in places that don’t have power. So that through REA, Rural Electrification [Authority], they can provide electricity in other health posts so that they will be able to keep the vaccine doses. Because vaccine doses require to be kept in a cool place,” said Banda.

“So you will find that in other places they don’t have electricity, so for them (vaccines) to be kept, it is only [in] town where there is electricity. So for people to get vaccinated, they need to travel maybe 40 km, 30 km, 20 km. So to avoid that, that is why we want to talk to the Minister of Energy so that all health posts should be electrified. We have been disseminating information through ward councilors and also headmen, so headmen call for a meeting where they talk to the people about Covid.”