The marriage between the Patriotic Front and the Felix Mutati-led MMD is a very strange. This is the most despicable affair that one can ever think of. These lovers have all but good intentions for each other, yet they sleep under the same covers.

It’s like being married to a husband whom you are so happy is terminally ill and you are eagerly waiting for the doctor to pull the plug so that you can move on to grab the admired inheritance.

Earlier this week, Honourable Raphael Nakacinda said the governance mistakes made by the PF have made people realize that MMD was a better government. He said Zambians did not know the value of what they had until it was taken away.

“Sometimes, a gift is highly appreciated when it is taken away, and actually in many times that is the case. When we were in government for 20 years, there was a new generation of voters who had not experienced anything in contrast with the MMD, so they thought that maybe there was something better outside the MMD, but I think now that we have had our colleagues in government since 2011, there is a definitely a point of reference and comparison. And I am sure the things they felt we had not done well; they have discovered that we were actually doing very well. I can confidently say in many sectors, the MMD still stands out as second to none,” Honourable Nakacinda said.

But in the same statement, the nominated member of parliament was expressing total satisfaction that the MMD’s lubrication of the PF government was producing positive results; and that their love affair was intact.

“The working relationship with the PF is still cordial, there is nothing that has changed, we supported them in 2016 and we were able to achieve victory by way of having President Edgar Lungu go through in the first round without any difficulties. And we are continuing to strengthen our political parties. We are people who operate on principle, we resolved to work with the PF in 2016 and that status remains so up to-date,” said Mr Nakacinda.

We find this relationship very venomous and confusing. Clearly, the Mutati-led MMD is excited that the PF is screwing up. They are laughing behind President Lungu’s back, at how his government has made such a mess, but they don’t what to leave the marriage.

Mr Felix Mutati and Honourable Nakacinda are both working with the PF government. If they think something is going wrong in the governance of the country, why haven’t they shared any ideas with President Lungu and his Cabinet?

Our understanding was that the two parties went to bed in order to govern together, but it seems we were wrong. The pact between PF and MMD was never about governance, apparently; it was about winning elections and nothing more. That is why they are making a mockery of each other.

Honourable Nakacinda speaks like he is delinked from the government of the Patriotic Front. That is not the case. Mr Nakacinda is not an Independent member of parliament, he is not an MMD member of parliament, he is a PF-nominated member of parliament. Just like Honourable Mumbi Phiri, Mr Nakacinda is expected to play a constructive role to the governance of the country. If PF fails, they fail together!

The reason why Honourable Nakacinda will never raise a point of order to question the numerous governance scandals going on in the PF regime is because he is part of it, and he has no better ideas to contribute.

So, these MMD leaders should not swim away from the sinking boat and come to tell us that they have better solutions for Zambia. If they do have workable rescue plans, let them first save their friends whom they set out to sea with.

We find it laughable to hear Mr Mutati point to the direction where his successor at the Ministry of Finance should drive the resources to in order to turn the economy around, yet he couldn’t do that when he had the keys to the country’s Treasury.

This is what faultfinders do to hoodwink voters. We knew that it would not take long before we could start hearing the MMD faction leader question the very things he was doing when in government. Like we said, he will soon tell us what Zambia’s real debt figures are because he was part of the lie in government.

Our question though is that; if Mr Mutati and Mr Nakacinda don’t like how the PF is governing us, why are they still in this marriage? What are they doing under the covers if they can’t stand the PF farts? It’s because their farts don’t smell any better; and they should not fool themselves into thinking that Zambians have already forgotten.