Tipping the scales in the cholera fight – Trade Kings commits another K2 million worth of chlorine

Today, Zambian FMCG manufacturer Trade Kings Group, through its Trade Kings Foundation Cholera Relief Project has taken steps to help mitigate the shortage of chlorine faced in the fight against the epidemic. This amounts to a contribution of K2 million, in addition to the earlier value contributed.

Last night, the Group began manufacturing and packaging chlorine for distribution by the Ministry of Health, and the first consignment was delivered earlier today. The commitment from the Group is to distribute 50 000 cases of chlorine or 1.2 million bottles over a period of four months, with a monthly allocation of 12,500 cases.

These specially branded packs and bottles are all labeled Not for Sale, so that it’s clear to the public that these are part of the Trade Kings Foundation’s efforts: its commitment to supply free chlorine to the Ministry of Health for distribution to people in the worst affected areas.

Trade Kings Foundation today begins the launch and distribution of 50 000 cases of chlorine or 1.2 million bottles over a period of four months. The initial monthly allocation of 12 500 cases or 300 000 bottles of chlorine begins today with the first consignment being delivered to the Ministry of Health.

To put it into perspective, 1.2 million bottles of chlorine over four months translates to 750 million of sterile water that will go a long way to reduce the spread of cholera. The chlorine being donated by Trade Kings Foundation is strictly not for sale.

This new donation is in addition to the earlier donation by Trade Kings Foundation of over K2 million worth of products. The chlorine that is being manufactured exclusively for the Ministry of Health under Trade Kings Foundation’s Cholera Relief Project is not for sale and is being manufactured and packaged by Trade Kings cost of K2 million taking its contribution towards the fight against cholera to over K4 million. This initiative by Trade Kings Foundation was done to supplement the current shortage of the product that has hit the country since the escalation of the cholera epidemic in the country.

Trade Kings understands how the lives of many families have been impacted by this epidemic – the informal economy, lives, health and well-being – and they continue to commit themselves to making a tangible difference to life in our nation, with everything they do being driven by their guiding principle of Improving Lives.