The Tobacco Board of Zambia has projected to sell over 26 million kilograms of Tobacco this marketing season; from April 2018 to September 30, 2018.

In a statement, Monday, TBZ executive director James Kasongo stated that the sales would translate into about $78 million in monetary form which would go directly to the pockets of tobacco growers.

“The tobacco Board of Zambia wishes to inform the general public that the tobacco marketing season in Zambia opened April 2018 and will close of September 2018. From the national production, we are projecting to sale over 26,000,000.00 kgs of tobacco this marketing season (April to September 2018) which in monetary terms translates into about US$78,000,000.00 going directly into the pockets of the tobacco growers. Tobacco board of Zambia informs the general public that Tombwe Processing Limited (TPL) will purchase all its tobacco from Lusaka main sales floor. Meaning all farmers intending to sale their tobacco to TPL will use the Lusaka main sales floor,” Kasongo stated.

“In order to ensure planned and well-coordinated marketing and smooth flow of tobacco at the Lusaka main sales floor, TPL has been requested to work in collaboration with the Lusaka main sales floor manage to develop a marketing plan on how the tobacco will flow from various regions to Lusaka. The approved marketing plan by TBZ will then be used by the TBZ regional inspectors to issue tobacco movement permits to all farmers sponsored by TPL. No grower should bring their tobacco to Lusaka until the tobacco marketing season is approved by TBZ and shared with all stakeholders in the affected regions. TBZ would like to urge all the growers sponsored by TPL to be patient What TBZ is currently doing is for the interest of growers to ensure fair trade, Transparency and orderly marketing during the 2017/2018 marketing season going forward.”

He said TBZ would work with non-governmental organizations to improve service delivery and enhance transparency within the association.

“May I also take this opportunity to inform the growers that in line with the 7th national Development plan, Tobacco board of Zambia will with effect from 8th July 2018 work with the NGOs and other partners to strengthen the tobacco growers’ association and cooperation. This is important because it will ensure transparency in marketing of tobacco throughout the bulking system, easy the provision of extension services, it will easy the transfer of technology and create a well-organized associations and cooperatives will be key for growers to lobby and advocate for their rights within the tobacco industry,” stated Kasongo.