MINISTER of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Elias Mubanga says the government is not increasing fuel pump prices anymore.

In an interview, Wednesday, Mubanga said Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country were not very affected by the monthly fuel reviews, especially that government was now reducing prices.

“Coupled with what you have talked about in terms of fuel, we are not increasing anymore, we are dropping down the price. So I don’t think I would say the SMEs are so much affected. We are concerned and we know what is happening, we know what our people have been going through but very soon it’s going to be stable, very, very stable,” he said.

Mubanga said SMEs should now be able to feel a bit comfortable in doing their businesses following last week’s reduction in fuel pump prices.

“I think since we started restructuring the fuel programme, I think you saw last week or a few days ago that the government or rather the Energy Regulation Board reduced by K2 something. That is a positive step. We understand and we know that the small and medium businesses would be affected so much and we have already started restructuring downwards and I think our people should be able to be a little bit comfortable now in doing their businesses,” said Mubanga.

“We know this is globally, it’s not just in Zambia because of what has been happening in Ukraine. But we hope and pray that things should improve globally and when it improves, even ourselves we will benefit then. I think for now, it’s not a very, very difficult situation. I’m receiving a number of SMEs in my office regarding this issue. I think there is a positive way of looking at things. The economy is growing slowly now, the government has given out a lot of money which is now in circulation. What I mean is that each constituency by now has over five million and SMEs have been encouraged to tap into this.”