THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has redirected UPND supporter Mapenzi Chibulo’s inquest to the Inspector of Police for ‘further investigations’ due to lack of evidence.

Ruling on the matter today, magistrate Rogers Kaoma said it was difficult for him to continue hearing the inquest because none of the prosecution witnesses saw the actual person who shot Mapenzi.

He ordered that the docket be sent back to police for ‘further investigations’ before being taken back to court.

Magistrate Kaoma said despite forensic evidence that Mapenzi died of gunshot wounds and trauma, none of the witnesses provided evidence leading to the killer.

Last month a police officer, only identified as Mr Mwala, told the court that a fellow police officer shot Mapenzi but that he did not know who the exact officer was as they were many.

A few weeks later, however, another police officer; detective chief inspector Christopher Kaunda, who is based at Lusaka Central Police, testified that the evidence given in court by the previous witnesses was not factual because even some UPND cadres had guns on the material day.

“I am in-charge of investigations in this case, those officers who testified report to me. The only role officer Mwala played was to take Mapenzi’s body to UTH. So according to my investigations, the person who shot Mapenzi is not known, we are still investigating because even some UPND cadres were armed that day,” said Kaunda.

Kaunda also said that it was difficult to determine the kind of firearm used to shoot Mapenzi because no bullet had been found in Mapenzi’s body during postmortem.

Mapenzi was shot dead during the campaign period last year when UPND supporters clashed with police who were trying to block their rally.