MMD leader Nevers Mumba has been put on his defence in a matter in which he is alleged to have unlawfully entered the ZNBC newsroom.

When the matter came up for ruling today, Lusaka magistrate David Simusamba said the state had established a prema facie case.

“It is clear from the first two witnesses who gave evidence to this court that false information was given and there was unlawful entry into ZNBC. A prema facie case has been established on both counts and I accordingly place the accused on his defence,” said magistrate Simusamba adding that if intent to annoy and to intimidate was proven, an accused person was guilty of a misdemeanor.

Mumba’s lawyer, Mutule Museba; who stood in for Robert Simeza, said Mumba would call five witnesses in his defence before applying for an adjournment.

The matter was adjourned to February 14 for opening of defence.

In this matter, Mumba is alleged to have lied to police officers at ZNBC’s entrance that he had an appointment with the news editor when in fact not.

Mumba denied both charges and eight prosecution witnesses testified in the matter.