The State has entered a nolle prosequi in a drug trafficking case involving seven court officials and two businessmen.

The suspects have however been re-arrested and their whereabouts were unknown by press time.

In this matter, businessmen, Eric Chipango, Emmanuel Chimba were jointly charged with court officials; Emmanuel Chirwa, Bearvan Mengo, Mathews Mukanda, Victor Nzaila, Florence Mushoka, O’Brian Muyunda and Didie Kangwa, a senior clerk of court, for trafficking in 80.11 grams of cocaine without lawful authority.

When the matter came up before a Kafue based magistrate sitting in Lusaka, Kawama Mwamfuli, Wednesday, a State witness, 45 year old senior Security Officer from DEC Collins Hamainda was on the stand, being cross examined.

It was at this point that the State told the court that the DPP had entered a nolle prosequi.

However, after the court rose, before the accused could even leave the court room, they were rearrested and whisked away to an unknown destination.