The Ndola Magistrates’ Court has sentenced a 34-year-old man to 4 years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing a Television set.

This is in a matter where Michael Kampamba of Kabushi is charged with one count of house breaking and theft.

Particulars of the offence are that on May 19, 2019 in Ndola, Kampamba with intent to commit a felony did break into the house of Cleopatra Njovu and did steal a Television set valued at K4, 500.

When the matter came up for plea before Ndola Principal Magistrate Obister Musukwa, Kampamba admitted the charge.

“Yes I admit the charge. I got the TV. I was not allowed to get the TV. I wanted to sell and raise money for my child’s school fees,” Kampamba said.

Facts before court are that on the material day around 17:50 hours, the owner of the house locked it and went to buy talk-time.

“On May 19, around 17:50 hours, the complainant left the house well secured and went to buy airtime at a nearby shop. 15 minutes later, she was shocked to discover that the lock of the door was damaged. In the house, the TV was missing and she reported the matter to police. Investigations led to the discovering of the TV and arrest of the suspect,” read the facts.

In mitigation, Kampamba said he was a married man with two children.

“I am asking for the court to forgive me. I have two children who go to school and my wife. If I am sent to jail, my children and wife will suffer. I am asking for a different punishment than jail. Give me discipline for outside rather than jail. I don’t have parents to look after my children,” Kampamba pleaded with the court.

But Magistrate Obbister Musukwa slapped a four-year jail sentence on him.

“I have heard your mitigation and that you have readily admitted the charge. But cases of house breaking in Ndola district are on the increase. To deter others, I will give you a custodial sentence. I sentence you to 4 years imprisonment with hard labour,” said Magistrate Musukwa.