A Mpongwe man has told the Ndola High Court that the two men he is alleged to have murdered by giving them a mixture of beer and a sex booster were his best friends.

According to the accused, the sex booster was supplied by his brother-in-law who also uses them.

This is in a matter where Baron Mulela, 43, is charged with the murder of Lawrence Luwani and Timothy Lufungulo.

When the matter came up for defence before Ndola High court Judge Mary Mulanda, Mulela told court that on November 6th, 2017, he, in the company of his three best friends and his brother-in-law, whom he only identified as Kandeke, were preparing to start drinking some beer.

The court heard that before they could partake of the five litres container of beer at around 10:00 hours in the morning, Mulela’s brother in law, Kandeke, asked Mulela’s son to get a bottle of medicine from his father’s car.

Mulela told court that after being sent, his son came with the bottle of the medicine and gave it to Kandeke who poured the powder which was in a seven-centimeter bottle into the beer.

Mulela narrated to the court that after Kandeke, his brother-in-law, poured the powder which was a sex booster into the beer, he went ahead and tasted it.

“I asked Kandeke the use of the medicine and he said it was a male energizer. I also went ahead and asked him how it works and he said it is used to harden the manhood by putting it in the beer,” he said.

Mulela told court that his brother in law had on several occasions put sex boosters in beer and when the sex booster was put in the beer, it made the manhood stronger than usual.

“He used to get the medicine from where his grandparents used to stay. After taking it, the performance in bed was that it made the manhood stronger than usual,” he said.

Mulela told court that after drinking and he having taken about three litres of the beer containing the sex booster, his friends wanted to go and drink wine at Mpongwe turn off, but he declined the offer as he had to work on his car.

He told court that at around 21:00 hours in the night, he received word from his friend that Luwani was not well.

Mulela told court that the next morning, at around 05:00 hours, he went for work but that at around 10:00 hours, he saw a police officer with a neighbourhood watch group approaching him.

He said he was then apprehended on allegations that he was behind the death of his friend.

He added that at around 14:00 hours the same day, he received word again that his other best friend Lufungulo had also died as a result of the beer mixed with the sex booster.

His 12-year-old son also narrated in his defence that he was sent by his uncle, Kandeke to get the medicine from his father’s car.

After the testimony of his son, the accused closed his defence through his lawyer Victor Michelo.

Judge Mulanda then adjourned the matter to April 2, 2020 for judgment.