TWO of the 89 people who have been sued by Step of Faith Investments Limited for allegedly building on its farm, have denied taking portions of the land illegally.

Brian Mwamba and Onias Siamulonga have told the Lusaka High Court that they both purchased land from Step of Faith Investments Limited and had been making periodical payments to it.

This is a matter in which Step of Faith Investments Limited has sued over 80 people, among them police officers and a ZNS officer in the Lusaka High Court, seeking an order for demolition of any structure built on its farm.

The company is further seeking an order of vacant possession, damages and costs.

Step of Faith Investments cited a Mutale AKA Airport, a Mwikisa who is a police officer, Chonya, Phiri who is also a police officer, Enias, Mwamba, Malama, Edward Mambuluewo, an unknown female Zambia National Service officer and 80 others as respondents.

According to an affidavit in support of originating summons, Step of Faith Investment Limited director Zelia Banda stated that the company was the legal owner of sub three, four and five of farm 405a situated in Lilayi, Lusaka measuring approximately 13 hectares.

She stated that sometime in 2015, the respondents strayed on the piece of land and started building houses.

“The respondents have illegally taken possession of the applicant’s farm and have built illegal structures. The applicant have on several occasions engaged the respondents to vacate the applicant’s land but to no avail,” Banda stated.

She claimed that the respondents had been violent and used sarcastic language towards Step of Faith Investments every time an attempt was made to engage them.

Banda stated that due to the respondent’s encroachment, Step of Faith Investments could no longer use its farm for commercial purposes.

But in a joint affidavit in opposition to the originating summons, Mwamba and Siamulonga have denied taking portions of the said land illegally.

The two who are the fifth and sixth respondents in the matter, stated that they both purchased land from Step of Faith Investments and had contracts of sale both executed on October 8, 2019 for the purchase of two un-numbered portions of land un-surveyed.

“We have been making periodical payments to the applicant on different days and time. We have not taken portions of land illegally,” read the affidavit.