GIVE me J, give me E, give me S, give me U, another S, what do we have? JESUS! Amen church, give Christ a clap offering…

Just like I prophesied a few months ago that it shall come to pass that our congregation will soon come under a storm, that day brethren is here.

In the same manner that our saviour was betrayed for a bribe of thirty pieces of silver, I have been betrayed by one of our own.

But let me say this, church; no lie formed against us, captured on CCTV, shall prosper, hallelujah…! Amen!

Now let’s turn our scriptures to page 8; sister Funga, you will read us the passage from verse 4, up to where the curtain of the temple is torn apart.

Verse 4* “Then Adam said to Eve, the Serpent has also approached me and wants you to give back the apple. ‘Do this and the spirit will lead you to the land of whisky and honey’.

5* But Eve said to Adam, ‘have we not been fooled before? By what sign shall we know verily, that thy Serpent has been sent from above?’ Adam asked Eve to look up and said to her, ‘Behold! This Serpent is the heart of the refinery of whisky and honey’.

6* Eve was startled at the sight of the puff adder; ‘Lead me not into temptation’ she said, ‘for thee have not verily been ordained by the most high.’

7* The Serpent drew closer to Eve and whispered, ‘The land of whisky and honey is thine, free thyself from the bondage of sin and thee shall see paradise. So saith the most high, give it to me now.’

8* Adam looked at Eve and said, ‘trust in thy brethren and surrender the apple, for the curse of the ACC god of graft is upon thee, and the DPP Angel of mercy can save thee no more. Do you not know that it is prophetic that we shall profit from giving’

9* Eve was quivering, for she knew not how to subdue the Serpent in the dark of night. So she said to Adam, ‘But is it not holy writ, that the fruit of the sacred garden shall be kept secret?’ 10* ‘I say unto you, for the power of right and wrong lies in he that sendth me. Give it to me and the refinery will be yours,’ said the Serpent.

11* Adam knew not where Eve was hiding the apple, so he persuaded the woman with an assuring face; ‘My father knows he who sendth the Serpent. My father has wined and dined with the most high in his house of many rooms, with his power thy right hand shall know not what thy left hand has given away. Give it to him Eve.’

12* Eve fell on her face and prayed. ‘My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; yet not as I will, but let your will be done.

13* At the stroke of midnight the curtain to the temple tore open and Eve heard the voice calling her from above.”

Thank you sister Funga, shall we all rise and give glory and honour.

Give me N, give me Y, give me I, give R, give me E, give me N, give me D, give me A, what do we have? JUDAS!

Mwaona manje a Nyirenda?

That’s it for today