The Football Association of Zambia has granted Lower Division sides K5,000 each for their operations during the season.

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga had pledged prior his election in 2016 that he would be supporting division one teams with K5,000 each from proceeds of games played by the national teams at home.

A number of Lower Division sides, including Katete Rangers and Misisi Academy, have confirmed having received the funds.

This is, however, the first time that the lower division clubs have received grants from the sale of tickets countrywide.

The association has given the money to every lower division side that owns a bank account, while those without have been instructed to open one.

The move has, however, been received with mixed emotions as the association has only done so eight months before the next elections being eyed by four candidates so far.

Kamanga has not indicated whether or not he is re-contesting the position.