Usually, by the time one is retiring, their life would be revolving around some complicated system. As we grow in our careers, there is a tendency to translate the complicated system at the office into the home. So basically, the subscriptions, air conditioners, car we drive, assistance, relationships, and expenditures become similar. As a director at the office, it will mean that the status accorded at the office is brought home. The neighbourhood becomes part of their lives, as are the activities that they are involved in or the peers that they hung out with. That being the case, without really realising what would have happened, the circle is big, and one is engulfed or grafted into this sophisticated system both at work and home.

However, the lifestyle of retirement requires that one glide into a life of simplicity. Live, love, and share as naturally as possible. The other variations are cosmetic. Only concentrate on the necessities of life. Some of the things that would have come with the position and appointments at the workplace need to be listed as they came with the office. So once the office is gone, you need to remain as you are. Once the cameras are off, retirement may be categorised as a moment to get real.

One has to reflect on how to handle things like internet connections, satellite television, vehicle brands, social media platforms, clothing, food, and many others. There is no need to be extravagant. It is a time to live within your means, making sure that you are not draining the retirement coffers. Mind you, at retirement you will be in the afternoon of your life. As a result, one needs to be cautious with the resources. Careless spending may lead one to become destitute. People are reluctant to assist an individual who they see as being wasteful. There is no one who desires a lifestyle as stressful as one where you experience finger pointing and every attempt to communicate “we told you so” as your daily bread.

Keep it simple; life will be enjoyable, and your benefits will keep you around for longer periods. The Joseph theory demands that you not be wasteful but instead keep enough so that in days of lack you can rely on the storehouse. That’s what retirement is: a time to rely on the stock house because most often the production would have stopped. It’s time to live more and love more because, in the end, it all comes down to who we are and what we stand for, not what we had or where we lived. Stop building on things that will stress you even more.

Now that I am growing, I am interpreting the first Republican president’s motto of “Going back to the Land” in many ways that seem to assist me as I grow. There is power in moving away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Slide into the simple life of the Zambian rural setting. I mean, with the good road network nowadays, you can easily drive or get on public transport to get yourself into town. The outback has fresh air, and you can produce organic foods that are so good for your health. The earlier you start setting something up, the better. No need to wait until you are old because it may be difficult to adapt after getting used to the malls and rush hour traffic.

Simplicity will demand that you cut off the artificial interactions and concentrate on the more natural ones. Look at the essence of having and not the face value. Belonging to clubs and maintaining certain assets on your inventory can be a liability and not a capital investment. This may be due to the fact that the purpose would have been extinguished. You cannot continue paying for subscriptions at this stage of life, where your production levels are low. It’s time to lay off some, if not all, unnecessary subscriptions and care about things that really matter: God, life, and family. All others are just support pillars to get life going.

As you live and love, you should mingle with vibrant companions. Retirement is not a death sentence, nor is it a period to prepare for an end of life. Life continues even in retirement. Don’t allow yourself to be in an environment that is draining to the extent that all you see is the end of everything. Enjoy your birthdays and treat them as a time to be grateful for life. Celebrate with your offspring, siblings, and the rest of the family. Learn to greet your neighbours, hug with passion, and spread love with your heart fully engaged.

The author is a retired officer of the Zambia Airforce and an Advocate. He can be reached via email: [email protected] or Whatsapp: +260 97 9165574