RADISSON BLU last Friday launched Battle of the Bands2018. The bands competition has this year grown to new depths and is set to re-live another successful year, with an increased sponsorship and partners. This year’s cash prize has been doubled from K20,000 to K40,000 for winners and K20,000 for runners up.

And during the launch of the 2018 season of the competition Radisson Blu Marius Wolmarans said this year’s competition would be amplified as it had attracted a long list of sponsors that were eager to make the competition a success.

“The Battle of the Bands Partners are pleased to be associated with one another’s prestigious brands with one aim; contributing to the betterment of Zambian Music by providing a platform and encouraging other companies to invest in the industry. We as corporates are responsible, we will work together closely to open new opportunities, expose bands and share Zambian music with the continent,”said Wolmarans in a speech.

But, wait, some people are not happy. And by people I mean the Zambia Association of Musicians who say they have been betrayed by the hotel’s decision to leave them out during this year’s competition. In a statement the association said Battle of the Bands is a copyright of ZAM and that Radisson Blu Hotel could not kick the association out of the initiative.

“We feel Radisson Blu cannot take over the running of music in the country they should not create divides. Over the years way back it’s a brand a copyright that has belonged to the association. There is need to sober up and realise they cannot run music, so we are writing to them because we are disappointed with the route they have taken. We would like to reason with them because our input made it a success we brought DSTV on board, and if we are going to be pushed away because of sponsorship it would not be fair,” said Zambia Association of Musicians in a statement.

But Radisson on the hand has maintained it’s stance that it can only work with the association if it brought sponsors on board.

Last year’s winner was Burning Youth winning K20,000 with their energetic band that had the crowd on their feet.