In the past weeks, we heard all sort of theories and insults against these two athletes based on their physique. One such insult was that the duo look like males.

The above has made me fail to understand the basis of such cheap talks especially given that Zambia prides itself as a Christian nation. Even if we were to assume that Zambia was not a Christian nation, such intolerant talks would not find home in any civilized society or nation. To begin with, who holds or possesses full specifications of how a “male” or “female” should look like? I ask the above question based on the fact that when God created human beings, he created them in his own image and likeness. He didn’t provide a comprehensive menu containing features that would be attributed exclusively to males nor did he specify with exclusivity that females should look like this.

There is therefore no such thing as this person looks like a male when in fact she is female. This is because God is still recreating the world. Consequently, males and females will come in forms that may shock our held views of how a male or female should look like. For now, let’s remove this barbaric notion of thinking that only this sex should or must possess certain feature to the exclusion of the other sex. No sex has the right to exclusively possess certain features because all human beings are a natural consequence of nature. Human beings don’t not apply to be born the way they look in terms of their physique, color, creed , sexuality , race or tribe. It’s God or nature that dictates our outcome. Of course, human being may choose to look different from their original design in terms of sex, tribe , complexion and so on but that doesn’t change the substance of their being . Someone’s physique, sex , color, race or tribe is not what truly defines a human being as the same merely constitute accidents. Human beings are defined by substance of being human. Therefore the forms or varieties of how that substance is packaged doesn’t really matter and should not be a talking point.

In summation, i submit that we must be tolerant of others especially their physique. This is because they didn’t create themselves nor did they apply to posses such physique.

Congratulations to the two athletes for the wonderful performance and entertainment.