United Progressive People president Dr Saviour Chishimba says after relocating to a new secretariat, he has a renewed vigor to fight corruption.

Last month, Dr Chishimba had a scuffle with his landlord, whom he accused of colluding with government agents to frustrate and evict him.

But in an interview, Dr Chishimba revealed that a well wisher was letting him use his house for free.

“The UPP Secretariat has now moved to Plot No 10, Reedbuck Road, Kabulonga. A well wisher has made the provision of a modern office suite, with a tennis court to us for free; he does not want us to pay anything, the place is for free until such a time that we will be able to get stable in future,” Dr Chishimba said.

He said he would continue to fearlessly fight against corruption and to offer checks and balances to the PF.

“Now that we have relocated to a place where we have a peace of mind, we are going to have a major, major news conference next week, the conference will be a reflection on the state of Zambia’s economy right now and also the coming of the IMF which still remains outstanding, we will also be looking at various counts of corruption taking place including the maize gate scandal we will go into a little bit more details now following the constant denial the government that there is no maize-gate scandal especially the strange clearance of Honorable Dora Siliya whose name was mentioned in the maize deal,” Dr Chishimba said.

In the past few months, Dr Chishimba has been very vocal about corruption in government and often features on various media platforms to discuss several government deals which he believes are shrouded by corruption.

However, he himself is currently being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission for allegedly misappropriating over K153,000 when he served as National Youth Development Council (NYDC) chairman and the ACC recorded a warn and caution statement from him last month.

But Dr Chishimba describes the allegations as politically motivated saying it will not sway him from his goal of exposing corruption.