In this 10 minutes audio, Justice Minister Given Lubinda and NAREP president Elias Chipimo have a heated debate over the ICC consultation budget and relevance.

Featuring on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk, Chipimo said he wanted to meet Lubinda and his advisors to make them understand the meaning of “contingent funds” which the justice minister desires to use from the national budge for the ICC consultation process.

But Lubinda, who was listening in, took offense and called the radio station to register his piece of mind.

The minister said he was disappointed that Chipimo was not sounding like the gentleman he thought he was and accuses the opposition leader of being a “know it all” when he had never been a member of parliament in his life.

Chipimo responded saying it was unfortunate that he had a Cabinet minister who had his priorities upside down – willing to spend three hours on radio discussing a less relevant issue in the face of serious national challenges.

Take a listen.