PF Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube says if the motion to impeach LAZ President Linda Kasonde fails today, lawyers should expect fireworks from Parliament, as things will get personal.

Speaking when he featured on Pan African Radio yesterday afternoon, KBF said he would have nothing to lose if lawyers decide to vote against the impeachment motion.

“Like I said, I am here because hey! Hush-tag ‘LAZ matters to me’. I am concerned about LAZ because I can see and sometimes, people want to kill the messenger. This is just a message I a bringing because I am just a messenger, why? Because I am in a privileged position with to speak to the MPs that are moving this [Law Societies Bill] motion and they are saying put your house in order it’s not personal even to them, but it will get personal if this LAZ motion fails, it will be because for them, they want to show that they are the ones that are in touch with the people,” KBF said.

“Once the motion fails and the politicians come back into parliament, prepare for fireworks. Because you can’t even injunct, them that’s why they are there – to make he laws and if they pass that Societies Bill, we are done. Prepare for a fragmented LAZ, today we are talking like this but tomorrow, I don’t know which association I will belong to if this motion fails. I really don’t know because you can’t stop these politicians and they have given you an option.”

He said LAZ represented a smaller number of interested people compared to politicians.

“And let me just stress that LAZ has really no constituency, the lawyers constituency is the 1,000 members, that’s the constituency of the LAZ executive. Those are the people that vote them into power. The politicians on the other hand will argue that they represent a greater constituency because they represent the people and if the people that voted them into power are telling them that the association is attacking them or insulting the President, then those have the mandate to go into their caucuses to ask whether or not the association should be dealt with,” KBF said.

And KBF said he will still be proud of himself even if the impeachment motion fails.

“We are working extremely hard to ensure that the motion is moved and that it carries the day. However, if the motion fails, what is there to lose? For me it’s not a matter of life and death, no. For me it’s a question of ‘have I done my best in the circumstances as a member of LAZ?’ I will be proud of myself to say yes I have, I brought this to the fall, I have my points and as far as I am concerned that’s where I will leave it and I will go back to my practice and keep quiet,” Bwalya said.