Bishop Simon Chihana, Pastor Nevers Mumba, Pastor Kangwa Chileshe and several other members of the clergy this afternoon laid hands on Hakainde Hichilema’s wife Mutinta and prayed for the incarcerated politician’s family.

And NGOCC board chairperson Sera Longwe says the ongoing political tension in Zambia has potential to breach the peace and unity that country had experienced.

Pastor Chileshe of City of Refuge Ministries, organised a prayer service for national peace and unity which was held at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka and was attended by Dr Brian Chituwo, Mike Mulongoti, Charles Milupi, Chilufya Tayali, Sera Longwe, Charlotte Scott, Sylvia Masebo, Mulondwe Muzungu and GBM’s wife Chama among others.

Praying for HH’s wife and other family members who accompanied her, Mumba said President Edgar Lungu must take time to visit HH in prison.

“President Edgar Lungu must not feel intimidated to visit president Hakainde in prison. He must show his true leadership by being there for every citizen. I want to say this to the president of the PF, don’t allow criticism to kill this nation because Zambia has always been there,” he said.

GBM’s wife Chama with HH’s wife Mutinta and other members of the family during prayers – Picture by Tenson Mkhala

Pastor Mumba, who is also MMD leader and UPND alliance partner, further warned bishops and pastors who have inclined themselves to politics.

“To you bishops and pastors who have involved yourselves in politics, I want you to know that God will not stop because you have compromised yourselves, he will always continue to train other people to take over from you because Zambia will still exist after you have left.”

And Pastor Chileshe said it was important for everyone to pray for and visit the incarcerated UPND leader president who has been remanded in prison for over a month.

He added that God knows no politics.

“Christians are just Christians and there is only one God. There is no such thing as God of the PF or God of the UPND or NAREP because God is not a political God,” Pastor Chileshe said.

NGOCC board chairperson Sera Longwe at the prayer meeting – Picture by Tenson Mkhala

“We just have to pray for president HH because he is one of us. If we fail to visit him while in prison as a Church today, God will question us to say ‘ I was in prison and you never visited me’.”

And Longwe said the police service was slowly turning into a force.

“The political tension that is going on in Zambia is capable of destroying the peace and unity that has existed in the country over the time. NGOCC is concerned also about the police service in the country which is slowly turning into a police force,” said Longwe.

“We therefore demand that our political party leaders do the right thing before many Zambians are lost,” Longwe said.

Milupi, the leader of Alliance for Democracy and Development said there could never be accountability and development in a country where there was no strong opposition leadership to give checks and balances.

“Government should not consider opposition leaders as their enemies because the opposition has an important role to play in giving checks and balances,” said Milupi who spoke on behalf of all the opposition political parties.

Brian Chituwo, Mulondwe Muzungu, Stephen Katuka at the prayer meeting – Picture by Tenson Mkhala