Alert UPND cadres this morning whisked GBM away from the Lusaka Magistrate Court after hearing that police were making plans to arrest him.

After the Hakainde Hichilema treason case was referred to the High Court for trial, GBM and other political party leaders went outside the courtroom to chat.

Journalists then started taking pictures of the UPND vice-president while others prepared to interview him.

However, when some police officers who were inside the courtroom started asking where GBM was, UPND cadres rushed outside and literally dragged the former defence minister away.

The cadres caused commotion as they cleared the way for GBM at the Magistrates’ Court. They then got him on to Nevers Mumba’s vehicle and sped off.

Earlier, GBM said he did not flee the country.

“Where are Richard Sakala’s journalists who were saying I ran away? How can I run away from my beautiful country? you think I can leave my wife and my party?” asked Mwamba when he made a dramatic entry into the courtroom.