Roan member of parliament has shamed a PF minister whom he claims is on the payroll of corrupt contractors, but the former government spokesperson has withheld the name of the official he is accusing.

In his posting on Facebook, Kambwili accused the said minister of being jealous of him, following an incident where some women apparently cheered him outside Pick n Pay, an episode which Kambwili’s foe believed was sponsored.

“A certain minister alleged that I paid women to cheer for me and hail my name outside pick and pay. What this Minister should know is that I have worked hard in my constituency and in my town as a whole, I am a people person and that is the reason why I am loved by the common person. I cannot stoop so low to pay people to cheer my name because that would be deceiving myself, I have earned the right to be celebrated in my constituency because of my sincere dedication to serving the masses. As a politician if you are not celebrated in your own back yard then you are as good as dead, but then again why should people cheering me become a problem to a certain minister. The fact is I speak for the poor and it means that they are more inclined to cheer me on because I am their voice,” Kambwili bragged.

He alleged that the minister in question has been engaging in corruption.

“Now let me warn this minister, whilst he is asking contractors to contribute money towards his bill for hiring choppers to go to his constituency, buying property worth K2.5m cash, asking contractors to prepare money whilst he is in town or wherever he goes, buying a brand new Mercedes Benz within 1 week of being appointed Minister, getting 5 per cent of all contracts awarded in his ministr… this Minister must also concentrate on cleaning the prisons because whilst you enjoy corruption money, you must clean your destination which is jail,” posted Kambwili.

“Ukusabaila tekusuma. Just work hard and make a name, don’t be jealous of others it doesn’t take you anywhere, get off your high horse. By the way 2021 presidency is not my preoccupation at the moment, and in actual fact it is such people who are going around using taxpayers money to campaign whilst trying to paint others black. Just make your money because you will need it in prison.”

With the allegation, Kambwili has forced his Facebook friends and followers to guess whom he is referring to by commenting on the post.