In this audio, Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says ruling party officials who want government contracts shouldn’t rush to the media to discuss internal matters publicly.

Mwila was talking to News Diggers! in an interview to express his disappointment over a team of PF officials in the region that is pressing for the removal of Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo and his deputy Patrick Mwanawasa, on grounds that they were not giving them government contracts.

He said disciplinary action will be taken against the party provincial secretary Joseph Kolosa and his group because they reported their demands to the media instead of following established channels, privately.

“First and foremost they are not suppose to wash the dirty linen in public. And that matter the provincial Chairman is going to deal with that matter because they were not suppose to go to the media because that is indiscipline. And action will be taken by the provincial chairman,” said Mwila.

“Disciplinary action will be taken against all those who are involved. If they have any grievance they are suppose to follow the right procedure or channel. But for them to go to the media, then something is wrong with them and disciplinary action will be taken against them. And in future they have to refrain from going to the media because that is an internal matter, they are suppose to resolve this matter internally.”

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On June 18, Patriotic Front officials in Eastern Province rose against senior government officers, demanding their immediate transfer because they are giving government contracts to members of opposition political parties.

“We are already poor, so we are ready for any consequences of our demands. We joined PF so that tikazipezako pamimba. We are in the ruling party to eat but our stomachs are shrinking,” Kolosa said at a highly charged gathering attended by PF supporters.

“We are demanding the removal of Chanda Kasolo, Deputy PS Patrick Mwanawasa and Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu from their respective offices. Bayende, they must go! we need to eat. As a ruling party in the province, we are pleading with massive pain and sorrow that these must go. They have not been working and supporting the party in any way. This has pained us, we are not happy, they are not working with us, but they have continued to occupy these offices.”

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