In this audio, Wynter Kabimba says he visited UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema because he is not among those in the UPND who attack him.

In an interview after leaving Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison, Kabimba said he encouraged HH to be strong.

“I visited him, he is looking well, I encouraged him and tried to strengthen him. I told him that this too shall pass when Charles Taylor said at The Hague, that ‘this too shall pass’. I told him ‘be strong, this too shall pass’. Though shall not return evil with evil. I don’t want to be recruited into the spirit of those that attack me. After all, those that attack me are not the ones that are in prison. They are not in the conditions in which HH is and I cannot punish HH for what his people say against me. I don’t think that that is good leadership. If any UPND member has wronged me, it doesn’t mean that all the people in the UPND have wronged me. If one member of the UPND insults me, it doesn’t mean that everybody in the UPND has insulted me,” Kabimba said.

Kabimba also said when HH was finally acquitted, he would have already been unfairly punished by the poor prison conditions.

“So I have to take them as individuals and HH, in the situation he is in, he needs encouragement from those of us that are outside because we don’t know the conditions and prison conditions in this country are deplorable that’s why I don’t agree with this new terminology that they are correctional facilities. They are not correctional facilities, there is no way you can correct somebody’s behavior in deplorable conditions. So they are prisons. They can use [the term] correctional facility because that’s what the donors who are giving them the money want them to call them but in terms of the conditions, these are deplorable conditions and our people are still living in primitive kind of prison facilities…where you are being punished before you are even convicted by a court of law,” said Kabimba.

“So anybody who tells me that these are correctional facilities, I tell them it is nonsense. What we are running prisons. There is no way you can out somebody in those conditions who has not even been tried or convicted because even if HH is finally acquitted, he has been punished enough just by going through those conditions.”

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