Renowned Patriotic Front cadre Maxwell Chongu says if the ruling party remains dependant on the MMD to win the 2021 elections, it will be the next opposition party.

In a statement yesterday, Chongu observed that the ruling party was too comfortable despite the fact that it won the last election by a thin margin.

“It is clear that MMD is mobilizing itself and restructuring party structures. I have a question and an observation that might need answers. How sure are we that the Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) will go in with PF as a pact come 2021? Suppose the opposition (UPND) decides to strike a better deal with them what will remain of the PF if we don’t take necessary political precautions? Why have we become so comfortable and relaxed forgetting that the pact was merely for 2016 elections and by now I am sure we have shared according to the agreement hence the need for the Patriotic Front party to get back to the drawing board and start putting its house in order,” Max said.

“The Patriotic Front Party is a big party and with several developmental programs scored and massive infrastructure development registered which will attract investor confidence thereby creating business and employment opportunities which will then put more money in people’s pockets in terms of salaries and revenue earned from businesses subsequently put food on the tables in line with our party manifesto. With the above mentioned milestone in terms of fulfilling campaign promises I expect the Patriotic Front party to start thinking of facing any opposition political party come 2021 without requiring the services of backup plan in terms of political pacts. We must understand that we won with approximately plus/ minus 110,000 votes, however to make it to 50+1% threshold it was merely plus/minus 13,000 votes. When we look at the above figures and statistics we shouldn’t even be comfortable because to me it clearly shows that we only managed to survive by the skin of a tooth.”

He said there was need to concentrate of grassroots mobilization instead of relying on a pact with the MMD.

“Now any genuine and truthful politician will agree with me that should MMD decide to do us a ‘DONCH KUBEBA’ come 2021 due to failure on agreeing certain political requisites, with this comfortability I am seeing we shall definitely be the next opposition political party. There is need for us as a party to go back to the grassroots, gather information as in what people are complaining about, take it as raw information as it is study it and present it to the Secretary General of the party Mr Davies Mwila above all our distinguished humble leader President Edgar Chagwa Lungu without editing a single word but with possible suggested solutions, something that will make our leaders make well informed decisions,” Max said.

“We need to create hope in our grassroots that somehow seem uncertain whether to continue being PF or not, we need to rekindle the lost glory. Politics is about numbers therefore for us to grow in numbers we need to preach love, unity and reconciliation from the top leadership to the lowest organ of the party which is the section or branch. Those that might have jumped off the Patriotic Front party along the way let’s embrace them and bring them closer to the party so that our numbers grow.”

He noted that some people would be aggrieved at the national convention in 2020 and leave the party.

“I am a person who never sugarcoats and I know very much well that after party elections next year and the national convention in 2020 best believe me that some people will be aggrieved and may decide to cross the floor hence the need for the Patriotic Front party to embark on countrywide mobilisation. I personally feel and think that not even the MMD would be interested in going in as a pact with us as the Patriotic Front party should our numbers keep depreciating therefore we need to focus on rebuilding our party from sections to national level. We ought to know that some of these people are showing us fake loyalties the only true loyal members will be seen after elections next year hence the need for the Patriotic Front party to have back up plans,” said Max.

“People love the Patriotic Front party but what is missing is MOTIVATION hence the need to embrace new ideas that will motivate people to join the Patriotic Front party. Development alone cannot make us go through come 2021 because the corporate sector only contributes about 30 % when it comes to voting but the grassroots provide the huge chunk of about 70%. How many people go to Mandahill as compared to the number of people that go to Soweto market? How many people that go to Jacaranda Mall as compared to the number of people that go to Chisokone market? Let’s encourage, empower and motivate PF groupings for they play a significant role in storing PF supporters.”