Patriotic Front Lusaka Province Chairman Horace Longwe has written to the party’s provincial youth chairman Kennedy Kamba asking him to exculpate himself on three charges including trying to take over his position.

In a letter dated August 5, 2017, Longwe charged that Kamba was destabilizing the party with his insatiable appetite for the position of Provincial Chairman.

“I refer you to the report by the Lusaka District Youth on the perpetration of violence in Chawama Constituency on Saturday, 30 July, 2017 where a branch party official by the name of Ngoma Thomas was beaten up by named party officials from intercity branch. The provincial committee sat on 05/08/2017 and studied the report and it has come to the knowledge of the committee that you are to blame and the following are the charges the committee has placed on you. 1. Misleading the National Youth Chairman Hon Stephen Kampyongo against all evidence available that intercity branch officials beat up Ngoma Thomas. 2. From [1] above you were deliberately protecting the perpertrators of violence who are well known to have committed the offense,” Longwe charged.

“3.Failure to control youths affairs in the province but you have decided to scale up your campaign for the position of Provincial Chairman when you know there is no vacancy. Your behavior has been undermining the incumbent Provincial Chairman because your unnecessary early campaigns are dividing the party, and you have been using the same intercity bus branch officials to intimidate those resisting your maneuvers.”

Longwe asked Kamba to exculpate himself within seven days and show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against him.

“In addition to the above three charges, you have been encouraging the spirit of divisions among youths through your insatiable appetite for the position of Provincial Chairman. I am therefore asking you to exculpate yourself within seven days of this letter explaining why disciplinary action should not be taken against you,” stated Longwe.