UPP leader Saviour Chishimba and his South African counterpart Julius Malema of the EFF have been declared as prohibited immigrants in Malawi.

According to a letter addressed to the Malawian Immigration Director General and the South African Airlines, Malawi’s Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia informed them that the duo was not allowed into the country.

“Please take notice that in exercise of the powers conferred on me by Section 4(1) (h) of the Immigration Act, I declare the following persons to be prohibited immigrants to Malawi. 1. Saviour Chishimba, 2. Julius Malema. You are therefore directed to cause the appropriate notices to be prepared and disseminated to them and the relevant officers in order to restrict or refuse their entry in Malawi,” wrote Chiumia.

And in a Facebook post today, Saviour explained that he and Malema were scheduled to speak at a Transformation Alliance (AT) anti-corruption inaugural conference.

“The intelligence report I received this morning has now been confirmed. Attached hereto, is the declaration by the Malawian Government that Julius Malema (EFF) of South Africa and Saviour Chishimba (UPP) of Zambia are prohibited immigrants. I was going to be refused entry for merely going to deliver a keynote address at the Transformation Alliance (AT) anti-corruption inaugural conference. My counterpart, Julius Malama was also invited to be among the speakers. The instructions by the Malawian Government, as agreed with the PF regime, were that I should be detained in the Malawi Police Prison Cell until my next return flight on Sunday 27 August, 2017. I am thankful to God for my last minute cancellation of my travel after getting the intelligence information,” Saviour wrote.

“Our resolve to build a Pan African partnership to end all forms of corruption and dictatorship in Africa is unstoppable. The #BringBackOurMoney! anti-corruption crusade is a people’s campaign whose time has come. Each and every thief in Government will pay back every cent that has been stolen from the people. The corrupt PF regime together with all the remaining dictators of Africa must take notice that this battle has been taken to an unstoppable realm.”

He said there was no law with prohibited politicians from interacting.
“I have become the second political leader, after President Michael Sata of blessed memory, to be declared a Prohibited Immigrant in Malawi without any probable cause. There is no law which prohibits political and business leaders from interacting over the issues that affect the lives of the people. Our founding fathers and mothers worked together, across national boundaries, to conceive our nations in liberty,” wrote Saviour.
“We, in the UPP, are fully aware of the draconian schemes of the PF regime in collusion with the Government of Malawi to frustrate all forms of partnerships against corruption. The corruption of the PF regime is responsible for all economic woes the people of Zambia are facing. Salaries for public service workers, police and security wings remain the same and yet billions of dollars are leaving our borders through corruption. Let us unite and start mobilising for the birthing of a prosperous corruption-free new Zambia.”