In this video, a renowned PF cadre Munir Zulu and and his ‘boys’ identified as Wayo and George are seen exchanging punches with traffic police officers in Lusaka’s Emmasdale area.

A witness narrated to News Diggers in an interview that Zulu was trying to retrieve his driver’s licence from one of the police officers after it was confiscated on grounds that he was speaking on the phone while driving.

“Those police officers are from Emmasdale Police Station and it happened on Friday. What happened was that, there is a PF cadre called Munir Zulu. He is the one who was beating up those police officers with his boys. He is in the video, he is that smallest in blue jeans, that’s Munir Zulu. The one who is wearing white is another PF cadre called Wayo and the one in red towards the end of the video is a guy called George,” the witness explained.

“So Munir Zulu was stopped by traffic police because he was speaking on the phone. Munir was driving a Mercedes Benz ML with a South African number plate. When he stopped, the police officer got the driving licence from him and told him to park.”

Munir told the police officer that ‘I can fire you myself’. He then instructed the thugs that he was driving with and they got out of the car and started beating the traffic officer. If you go to Emmasdale Police now, you will find Munir Zulu’s driving license, it’s still there. He ordered his thugs to get the driver’s licence by force! He is there in the video; and the good thing is that the police still have his license.

Take a look:

Zulu is said to be a businessman with a recognisable footprint in State House. During a PF fundraising event on May 1, 2017, Zulu bought President Edgar Lungu’s hat from an auction sale at K185, 000.

President Lungu helps Zulu put on his hat

When contacted for a comment, Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo said she had seen the video but was still gathering facts.

“I have just seen the video and I am still trying to get information as to what exactly happened. The Problem that we have is that when such things happen, people rush to the media instead of registering the complains with the police first. So I can’t confirm if there is an officer who is detained, but what they did is in public domain so I will get back to you when I get the information,” she Katongo.

Moments later, Katongo called back and explained that the officers involved were from Garden Police post.

“These are officers under Garden Police post which is under Emmasdale Police. The officer in charge has said that he is waiting for the police officers, because they are the ones who were involved and they can give more accurate information. I am still waiting for a report on what transpired and the action taken on those involved. But no one was detained,” said Katongo.