ACC Director General Kapetwa Phiri says the introduction of whistle-blower policies in law enforcement institutions has boosted the fight against corruption.

According to a statement issued by Zambia’s First Secretary for Press in South Africa Naomi Nyawali, Phiri was speaking at the Commonwealth Africa Heads of Anti- Corruption Agencies Training being held in Pretoria which has drawn the participation of over 13 countries from Africa.

He said the legal requirement for public institutions to form Integrity Committees would help seal loopholes and practices that bred corruption.

He expressed happiness with Zambia’s progress in the fight against corruption, boasting that 56 organisations, 54 of which were in the public sector, had formed Integrity Committees.

He said Zambia had scored significant achievements towards the creation of a corrupt free Zambia by embracing e-governance as a mechanism of reducing contact between members of the public and service providers.

Phiri added that the creation of a corrupt free Zambia was a national program as government was inculcating ethical values and patriotism in its citizens.

He called for increased collaboration between Anti-Corruption agencies across Africa to help bring out coordination among countries in fighting corruption as it was transboundary in nature.

He observed that coordination among agencies would help to successfully prosecute economic crimes whose proceeds had been invested in foreign jurisdictions.