Armed police yesterday blocked Kabwe PF member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube from addressing his constituents saying he should be telling them every time he is in town.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Ngulube claimed the police were sent by “corrupt” people but vowed to continue speaking for the voiceless.

“This afternoon as I was about to address the people of Kafulamase who are facing evictions from a place they occupied since 1961, heavily armed police officers claimed I should be telling them every time I enter kabwe and that some people are scared whenever I talk to the people. I will not stop defending the defenceless, poor and old. I am ready to be arrested for defending the poor and to go to jail for fighting land corruption in my constituency,” Ngulube wrote.

Ngulube however stated that he later succeeded to hold the meeting and it went well.

“The retirees are crying for their benefits while the farmers want water. Mpima and Nkrumah residents want roads. I will not be intimidated by the corrupt. I will continue to expose wrong doing. Corrupt people have so far demolished several houses and have put hundreds of new beacons even on doors of grass thatched houses. I will not be silent. I will not rest until justice is done. The meetings went on well and everyone in attendance got their message that I am 100% behind them,” stated Ngulube.