I do not see anything wrong with going to celebrate Botswana’s independence, says President Edgar Lungu.

And President Lungu has challenged his critics to contest the 2021 general elections.

Speaking to journalists before departure for Botswana at KKIA today, the Head of State said he did not see anything wrong with going to celebrate that country’s independence.

“You know, sometimes people do things quietly and I think the relationship between Zambia and Botswana has been very quiet and that is the way to go but that bridge we are building between Botswana and Zambia is very important and I think that is an activity which I think people have not noticed but when we are done, you will see how much we will benefit from that as a country so most of the things should be done quietly because when you talk too much like other people, you lose energy,” President Lungu said.

“But President Zuma is coming in October and I can tell you that President [Ian] Kama is coming for independence in October and I can also tell you that President João [Lourenço] from Angola is coming in November, he even wanted to come this month, why? It is because we are neighbours and as neighbours we must be talking to each other at the highest level so that we can reflect but I don’t see anything wrong with me going to celebrate independence with my neighbours when they said ‘we are having this big thing’. So I think let us be responsible.”

And President Lungu challenged all his critics to contest the 2021 elections.

The Head of State is expected back in the country tomorrow.