In this audio, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says Zambians must force Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja out of his office.

In a statement issued by his deputy press secretary Brian Mwiinga today, HH observed that Kanganja was just a tool for the Patriotic Front.

HH also told Kanganja to drop the charges against the fire tender protesters, saying it was their constitutional right to express displeasure.

“It is totally unacceptable for Kakoma Kanganja and his police to arrest those who are exercising their constitutional right to protest peaceful. Kanganja must drop all these charges that have been levelled against our colleagues and he is the one who should explain to the people of Zambia why he is shielding the PF from their corruption,” HH said.

“He must resign forthwith, if not, the people of Zambia working together must force him out of that public office because he has failed them all.”

He said Kanganja had committed too many crimes against citizens.

“It is important for us to accept as Zambians, to convince ourselves that Kanganja has failed to discharge his duties as Inspector General of Police. He has committed heinous crimes against citizens over and over yet he remains in office drawing a a hefty salary from the very tax payers that he is brutalising every day. It is now time for the people of Zambia to act together in calling for the resignation of Kakoma Kanganja as Inspector General of Police because there is no doubt in my mind that the citizens of Zambia have lost confidence in Kakoma Kanganja in heading the police. It is very clear that Kakoma Kanganja is just a tool for the PF and that is why he is protecting PF,” said HH.

“I wish to sympathise with my sister Laura, my brother and Musician Chama Fumbe also known as Pilato, my brother Lewis Mwape, my sister Mwambazi, my brother and musician Pilato, who is Chama Fube, my brother Lewis Mwape and others who were incacerated for committing no crime. Otherwise incarcerated for exercising their constitutional right to a peaceful demonstration over a very appropriate matter of the stench of corruption in the PF government. I urge all of them to remain strong as they continue together with all of us to serve the vulnerable people of Zambia who are denied basic services. Let us continue serving the people together because we cannot fail if we work together to fight this corruption that PF has tried to make normal in our society. Corruption is not normal and it must go together with the PF out of our sight so that we can bring normalcy to out country.”

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