MMD leader Nevers Mumba says Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusamba is not material that can be trusted with such a high position, but fits in the PF leadership which is picked up from the street.

In an interview with News Diggers! Mumba who is Zambia’s former High Commissioner to Canada, charged that President Edgar Lungu appointed Lusambo because he was satisfied with the minister’s thuggery behaviour.

“Bowman is a product of MMD, and we know Bowman very well. And they gave him a position that they shouldn’t have given him. He never had that kind of position even when MMD was in power. But PF thinks that he can be minister. He is just being Bowman, he hasn’t changed for them and he should not change for them because when they appointed him they knew Bowman. They knew his attitude. So basically they made that choice, the President made that choice which means he is happy with it,” Mumba said.

“I hold very strong views on the current governance system of the PF. We can go all the way to the late president Michael Sata in terms of the quality of leaders that he picked up from the streets, placed like that and left them in power, not knowing their capacity, not knowing their qualifications not knowing their expenditure level. So when you take them to Parliament they take the same behaviour to the sacred House.”

He said there was no solution to the leadership crisis that the country was facing apart from removing the PF from power.

“We will continue to see this until the PF is removed from government. Unfortunately except from very few, the Patriotic Front is full of people that are really not supposed to be holding public offices because of their levels of integrity. They can be serving in lower positions were they can be helpful but not the positions they have been given,” said Mumba.

“This crisis we face will continue, and that type of behaviour at Parliament will continue until we get another quality of leadership which Zambians are going to have to decide. If this issue of fighting in Parliament is allowed, then it’s the nature of the PF. Because we understand that the PF Secretary General said that these issues are going to continue and people like Chishimba Kambwili will constantly be beaten. So its not an individual in PF per say, but basically the spirit of the particular political party.”