Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba says there is no economic benefit in President Edgar Lungu’s decision to go and walk around naked and watch naked girls in Swaziland.

And Kabimba says he cannot take expelled Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili’s crusade against corruption seriously because even he himself is corrupt.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk today, Kabimba said it did not make any economic sense for President Lungu to go and watch King Mswati marry his 15th wife.

“This is about leadership, if you have a leadership that is nationalistic and that is patriotic and realises that this country is poor they will try to save resources. For example, we have heard this argument from ministers in the PF government that ‘don’t criticise the President for travelling because his travels are important for the economic development of the country’. Yes the argument maybe correct but the question is what is the economic advantage of Edgar Lungu going to witness Mswati going to marry his fifteenth wife how does that benefit the economy from that?” Kabimba asked.

When show host Luchi suggested that he could have gone for tourism purposes, Kambimba asked, “What tourism? To go and see the naked girls and to go and walk naked because you are trying to pretend that you have become a Tswana?”

“What is the economic advantage to Zambia for Edgar Lungu to go and witness the inauguration of President [João] Lourenço in Angola? What is the economic reason of that trip to Zambia? The answer is nothing! Why it is that Angela Merkel has just won an election in Germany why isn’t [Donald] Trump going to witness her inauguration? When Trump was being inaugurated which foreign leader, Germany didn’t go, Angela Merkel didn’t go she went there much later and yet Germany is the strongest economy in Europe with the EU.”

He observed that African leaders were wasteful.

“So why is it that African leaders that are in charge of poor countries are so inconsiderate about wasting little monies in their countries when the people that are rich are not doing it. So all these are questions and the answer is simple we have the wrong crop of fellows in leadership that is why we are so wasteful,” he said.

And Kabimba said people like Kambwili could never be his heroes.

“If I had not worked with Chishimba Kambwili, he would be my hero. I worked with the man. I wrote him a letter in 2013 to say stop collecting money from the mines under the guise of sponsoring youth day celebrations. This is what MMD was doing we opposed we thought this was corruption and you are trying to do the same and I copied and I wrote to all the mining companies don’t give the man the money and I have got those documents. Now today he is the biggest crusader of corruption I can’t believe him, I just cannot believe him,” he said.

“What I have advised Chishimba Kambwili is that maybe what you are saying sir is correct. Get your evidence and your documents, take those to ACC I will be the first one to join his crusade that I can assure you. But I will not join his approach where every day he is holding a media briefing and all that is coming out are allegations, there is not even a single day when I have seen him wave a document during his media briefing.”

He recalled that Kambwili was one of the reasons late president Michael Sata fired him.

“I don’t believe in what Bowman Lusambo said just as much as I don’t believe in what Chishimba Kambwili says but the point that am making is that experience is the best teacher and for me who was a victim in PF with this type of propaganda orchestrated by the group to which Kambwili belonged and the likes of [UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba] GBM, ‘we have a dossier on Wynter’, telling Michael Sata ‘no he wants to kill you’, paying boys and girls, you know, youths in the streets of Lusaka carrying coffins written Wynter. I was being buried alive all in the hope that when they get me out of the way, either GBM or Chishimba Kambwili or their godfather whom I can’t name, one of them would be president,” said Kabimba.

“But you see God is very nice, wherever he is seated drinking tea, none of them became president. What has happened is that all of them with their wicked propaganda are out.”