HOME Affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo says senior police officers should not be afraid of dealing with politicians because they have his support and that of the Commander-in-Chief.

Speaking when he opened the Zambia Commander’s Police Conference in Ndola today, however, Kampyongo said the high levels of indiscipline in the service was shameful.

“Senior officers should not be cowards. I will protect you from abusive politicians. Don’t look at faces and status. All decisions will be supported by myself and the Commander- In-Chief,” Kampyongo said.

He said the levels of indiscipline in the police were of serious concerns.

“The recent events where many officers have shown low levels of discipline, leaves a lot to be desired. The police should feel ashamed if individuals disgracing the service are left free,” said Kampyongo.

“I direct that 2018 should be dedicated to raising the disciplinary levels in the service. This should be a point of return and those that will be found ineligible, we shall part company. No compromise to those that are indiscipline.”

And Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja said the police performed well in the 2016 general elections.

“This conference will review the performance of the police in the 2016 sections and also discuss mechanisms aimed at improving performance for future policing of elections. My commanders tried their best in maintaining peace, law and order in the country before, during and after the 2016 general elections,” said Kanganja.

“I therefore wish to thank my commanders for their excellent performance and hard work they exhibited in ensuring that law and order prevailed.”