Lands Minister Jean Kapata says she maintains her unconditional forgiveness to Chishimba Kambwili because she is not playing games with the Roan PF member of parliament.

Responding to Kambwili’s accusations that the Mandevu member of parliament organised cadres to attacks him during Michael Sata’s memorial, Kapata said she was too mature to engage in such schemes.

“I think I’m a mature person. What time do I have to organise those people? Those are cadres who came to mourn. I don’t even know them. They are cadres that just came to do that. So I don’t want my name to be taken into dispute through Kambwili. I went there as a mourner. I went there to respect the late President. I would not stoop so low to organise thugs to beat Kambwili,” Kapata said.

She said it was unfortunate that Kambwili attached conditions to his forgiveness over their differences at Parliament where she poured water on the expelled MP.

“So those that want to believe what is going on, I’m not ready to talk about it. If he says he has withdrawn forgiving me, me I have forgiven him for whatever he did to me. I have forgiven him totally because I’m catholic and it passed me. Me I’m an adult. If Kambwili is young and playing games, me I’m not playing games. We forgave each other with no conditions. If he has withdrawn that…me, between me and my God all is well. Between me and my church all is well,” she said.

Kapata went further to question why Kambwili’s sympathiser Rachael Chileshe was wearing PF regalia at Sata’s memorial, when she had publicly joined the opposition UPND.

“There is some Rachael Chileshe who was PF before and publicly joined UPND. So she came to church dressed in a PF chitenge with a head of the former President. And we only told her that ‘you cannot come wearing a PF chitenge. You are UPND, you should have just come in a UPND chitenge’, nothing could have happened to her. But she was pretending to wear a chitenge for PF as though she is PF when she is not,” said Kapata.