MUVI television investigative reporter Mwape Kumwenda has won the 2017 Free Press Most Resilient Journalist Award, under the Free Press Unlimited Organisation.

Kumwenda bagged home €15,000 after her name was announced as winner of this year’s award during a colourful ceremony held in Netherlands today.

She was the only African and only Zambian nominated for the prestigious honour.

“It’s done! Africa’s only, Zambia’s only, Muvi TV’s only and Simeon Kumwenda’s only wife is the 2017 free press most resilient award winner. The first Zambian to be awarded by Free Press. All thanks to God and Melody Bwalya Mwala for the nomination,” Kumwenda posted on her Facebook page moments after she was handed the hefty cheque.

Zambian journalists back home could not resist joining the private TV journalist on social media in celebrating her achievement, which definitely puts the country as a whole on the global map of functional private media houses.

The award also places Kumwenda on the list of new generation free press heroes, and advances her career on a trendsetting path.

In Zambia, 31-year-old Kumwenda is one of the most decorated young journalists having won numerous awards in various fields.

To mention but a few, Kumwenda won the 2015 Courage Award under the International Women Media Foundation, she won the 2017 ZEMA Environmental reporting award, ZANEC Early Childhood Reporting and Tertiary Education Reporting. She has several MISA awards under Corruption reporting and Health News Coverage.