I have joined NDC because I have seen Sata’s pro-poor policies in Chishimba Kambwili and the NDC, says Eric Chanda.

Chanda has since told News Diggers! that he is no longer president of the 4th Revolution.

“I’m a member of the central committee of the National Democratic Congress with a position. But let me not confirm it now, I will confirm at a later stage. I will be holding a press conference at some appropriate time . But what I can confirm for now is that I’m an NDC member,” Chanda said.

“For now, ifyabu president nafipwa. For now, I’m no longer a president [of the 4th Revolution]. All of us must live to support the cause of NDC to put a stop to the Edgar Lungu led corrupt government.”

And Chanda has already started fighting battles for the newly formed party, while encouraging citizens to join-in.

On Wednesday, PF Copperbelt youth chairman Nathan Chanda who is also Luanshya mayor said Kambwili was practicing childish politics because he kept insulting President Lungu; a statement that did not go well with Chanda.

“Zambians must not listen to these young people who are drunk with corrupt dirty money and cannot see the suffering of the poor Zambians. These young people saying Sata wanted to see poor Zambians suffer, not at all. Sata was a pro-poor man centred on poor policies. This is what we are seeing in Kambwili. So for me these people are feeling the weight of the NDC and Kambwili and this is what Zambians need. They need NDC, they need Kambwili. Mubebe bonse abali mu PF baliile chalimo pantu mu 2021 baleisa ba Kambwili (tell everyone in PF to enjoy themselves because Kambwili is coming in 2021).”

“So, tell this young man, Nathan Chanda to shut up and continue enjoying his corrupt money which is flowing all over PF. Tell him that for now Kambwili is giving hope to the poor Zambians who are being neglected. Mubebe ba Nathan Chanda na chi PF chabo (tell Nathan with his PF) that for now Kambwili is giving hope to the poor Zambians.”