Patriotic Front deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says people should not be surprised when Kaizer Zulu’s children decide to beat those insulting their father by lowering him to a grade seven certificate holder.

Speaking when she featured on Radio Pheonix’s Let the People Talk programme today, Phiri also said former Ministers should obey the court’s ruling and pay for staying in office after dissolution of parliament in 2016.

And Mumbi says former commerce deputy minister Miles Sampa has not yet been welcomed by the party.

“Some people are just character assassinating others, Mr Sakala you know very well. Let me give an example of Kaizer Zulu, who doesn’t know Kaizer Zulu in Munali constituency? We all know that he was a lab technician at Chelston clinic. But we have heard those who didn’t know Kaizer Zulu who listened from Kambwili, they believed that Kaizer Zulu has no grade 12, he is a grade seven, he has never been to school, he is just waiting for his death certificate. And yet Kaizer Zulu is from a respectable field,” Phiri said.

She explained that Zulu was just as qualified as Professor Nkandu Luo in the field of medicine.

“We have Professor Nkandu Luo, by the way professor Nkandu Luo is not a professor in medicine, its the same field as Kaizer Zulu, micro-biology. So you can see that whatever Kaizer Zulu can do or what but let us be truthful. That is why I am saying ‘mukaona Mumbi Phiri, bana ba Kaizer Zulu bamukwapula because they have insulted the father, don’t be surprised’ and let us not reach that,” she said.

Phiri said Ministers should pay for staying in office and that there is no negotiation about it.

“You have head that Ministers who stayed in office must pay back, they are going to pay back because its the Constitution. If the court allows that, thats a constitutional matter, who are we to change our own thing. It is very clear those Ministers have been instructed, in fact the government spokesperson even talked about this. They have to go and pay that money. There is no negotiation. We respect the three wings of government and that ruling came from the Judiciary. But not suffice to say everyone knows that there are lacunas in our Constitution, that is why as government, we are going back to parliament so that those lacunas can be removed,” she said.

And Phiri said Sampa was not yet back the party because he had not been welcomed.

“I am glad that we have people like Miles Sampa who are coming back to the party and our founding father president Michael Sata if you knew him very well, that is what he always wanted. That’s the way we should move. Our old members who left, they should feel very comfortable to come back to the party where they belong,” Phiri said.

“You know it looks so long but he is not yet back into the party, the period which was given, which is stipulated in our constitution is three years. Likely its finishing in December, that is when we are going to receive them. And it is not only Miles Sampa, there are a lot of people who went, its across the board. So its only three years looked so long but I think we are getting there in December and we are going to welcome them finally to the party.”

Phiri also justified President Edgar Lungu’s acquired wealth.

“Kambwili has been on record saying, ‘these people in government niba pompwe, they are building everywhere’. And he was very specific, he mentioned that President Edgar Lungu has built a house opposite Memorial park. It’s not only President Lungu who has a plot at that place. There is a road Luchi, if you want I can take you there because me I believe in speaking the truth, where Kambwili also has a plot. It’s at a corner near where there is a house belonging to the former PS Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the next plot is Honourable Chishimba Kambwili’s plot. And that house President Edgar Lungu built it when he was Minister of Home Affairs. So how does somebody tell a lie that that house has been built when President Lungu has become a President, thats not fair. Who doesn’t know that the Ndozo lodge which Mr Kambwili is talking about belongs to Mr Sichanda? Everybody knows because that man has been in business for a long time,” said Phiri.

“I was interested and I made a research, there is another place opposite regiment catholic parish, the forest was gazetted and there are houses which are coming up. People went and took pictures and started circulating them on social media that those houses belong to President Edgar Lungu, I have a place myself there, I made a research. Those flats, the plots there the owner is a woman, if you need more information I can give you.”